How to play NDS roms with R4 DS on Nintendo DS and 3DS.

The R4 card is a popular flash cartridge due to its support for homebrew video game roms and it's ability to download and play commercial games. This card is useful for the users of Nintendo DS, DSi because the console is not sold with a rewritable storage medium for game downloads. If you have a lot of homebrew games that you want to play on your DS gaming console, you will need an R4 SDHC card. These storage devices can be classified into two categories. The older storage devices can be used by putting them into slot 2, which is like the one used in Game Boy. They also need booting for slot 1 if you want to use the console's touch screen features. These older flash cartridges are also dubbed as the first generation cards. The newer flash cartridges can be placed in the slot 1 of DS console. However, they are slowly veering away from similar features used by the first generation cards

The New 3DS has been hacked to enable running unsigned code and play backup games. Sky3DS or GW3DS card has to be used for the 3D games and the 2D games can be played using the older R4 cards. Nintendo 3DS roms can be used on Gateway 3DS card for Nintendo 3DS ROMs.

Below you can see the box-art for GATEWAY 3DS (GW3DS) flash card adapter for N3DS.

GW3DS card for 3DS-Roms

Whatever games you want to play, songs you want to listen or movies you want to watch, you need the R4 DS. This portable device is already in high demand due to the high volume of orders from online stores for this device. Curious gamers are likely puzzled with many questions in their minds right now. It is likely that they still have questions without answers about why many DS users are now buying R4 DS devices. If you do not want to buy this device, do you have better options?

If you click on the download link, this will redirect you to a new video. Save the software from the online store to your computer and to your memory card inserted to the card reader. If you connected the card reader through USB, you will see new window for the device. Drag and drop this window and drop it to the device. You can put the card in the DS and start using the software. This is how you can easily download the software for your R4 DS.

GW3DS - Gateway 3DS ROM flash card games can be downloaded at 3DS roms download.

Gateway 3DS cards hands on review

Gateway 3DS cards hands on review

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